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Nightlife in Costa Mujeres

Although Costa Mujeres has a more laid-back vibe, its proximity to the city will let you party ’til the sun comes up. Let’s get to know some of the most famous venues for a great night out!

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Costa Mujeres is an idyllic beach located in the northern area of Cancun, just half an hour away from the international airport. This lovely beach has grown to be one of the most exclusive in the area. Although there is more of a laid-back vibe, its proximity to the city will let you party ’til the sun comes up. 

Enjoying the nightlife is certainly one of the best things to do when traveling to Costa Mujeres. After all, with so many discotecas and bars nearby, it's simple to stay out until morning by just jumping from one establishment to the next. But even if you don't want to dance till dawn, there are a lot of laid-back places where guests may have a chic cocktail while listening to acoustic music and distantly watching the Caribbean waves.

Let’s get to know some of the most famous venues to have a great night out near Costa Mujeres!

Coco Bongo

Coco Bongo is a must-stop when traveling to Costa Mujeres because it is the most well-known nightclub in the area. 

The nightclub combines Cirque du Soleil, impersonators of famous artists, and breathtaking light and music effects. Even the servers and bartenders hit the stage to sing and dance all night. There isn't a dance floor, so don't waste time looking for one when you feel your feet move. People dance in whatever small spaces they can find.

The club is a relatively large facility with a capacity of roughly 3,000 people. It offers a variety of music and live performances and is located in the center of the Cancun Party Center.

Coco Bongo is a venue for people of all ages; don't expect only to see twenty-somethings there. There is even a kids' show on Wednesdays, and the open bar only offers soda and juice.

Early arrival is always a good idea because the club becomes packed quickly, and prime viewing areas are hard to find after 11 o'clock. Every night, doors open at 10:30 p.m.

Sirenas Raw Bar

At kilometer 4 of Boulevard Kukulcan, near the Calinda Bridge, is a bar/restaurant called Sirenas Raw Bar. The outdoor area provides a breathtaking view of the pirate ships docked in the Caribbean.

Cocktails and seafood are the house specialties, although they also offer pizza, tacos, nachos, and paninis.

Locals congregate here on Friday and Saturday nights to listen to a Cuban Buena Vista-style band perform between 8:00 pm and 12:00 am while the lights shine and the palm trees dance in the ocean air.


D'Cave is one of the most emblematic nightclubs in Mexico. Its innovative architecture is based on a mysterious and fascinating cavern that emerged in the heart of Cancun after millions of years—widely known as Cancun's most famous and iconic club thanks to its laser shows, special effects, great parties, and bikini contests. Without a second thought, it is one of the must-see attractions in Cancun.

D'Cave is the jewel in the crown of Cancun's nightlife! This opulent club is noted for its exclusivity and is located in the Party Center and surrounded by other clubs.

If you want to party in style in Cancun, head to D'Cave, where local jetsetters and visitors from around the world frequent.


Cuncrawl is a one of a kind experience and the best solution if you can't decide where to go for fun. Cuncrawl gives you access to three bars/clubs, all you can drink, VIP entrance to clubs, reserved tables, and round trip transportation to your resort. 

Cuncrawl is committed to offering personalized planning for your entertainment needs and access to the best party activities in Cancun that you won't find anywhere else. Experience the best bespoke nighttime & daytime party and entertainment services in Cancun with your tribe, soul mate or all by yourself. 

Señor Frogs

You haven't gone anywhere like Señor Frog's Cancun before! They're a casual restaurant and bar franchise located in The Hotel Zone that provides its patrons with a selection of international foods and beverages and the best local entertainment and shows.

Senor Frog's is a synonym for good times. This family-friendly eatery transforms into a bar/nightclub after 9 o'clock, where everyone always has a blast, thanks to the cheerful personnel. 

There, it's common to see conga lines, balloons, confetti, live music, and crazy theme nights. No doubt Mr. Frog's is an excellent host!

Barezzito Puerto Cancun 

Barezzito Puerto Cancun is a classy nightclub with pulsating music and dazzling strobe lights that come to life every Thursday through Sunday at 10:00 p.m.

Located near the marina in Puerto Cancun, the club hosts DJs, tribute nights, and live performances. On certain nights, there are competitions and drink discounts. 

The crowd is typically younger. Sitting on the terrace is a fantastic choice if the interior is too noisy for you. At the end of the night, there are lots of taxis available, or if you're not planning to drink, plenty of parking is available.

The City 

With a capacity of more than 5,000 people, this enormous club claims to be the biggest nightclub in Latin America. It is unquestionably the largest club in Cancun, and during Spring Break and the summer, it is frequently completely crowded. Internationally renowned musicians like Ludacris, Akon, Flo Rida, 50 Cent, Fergie, Snoop Dogg, and celebrity DJs often perform at the three-story club. 

The City Cancun, like Coco Bongo, hosts nighttime performances by acrobats and other artists. The 650 square feet of TV panels and the robust sound system are used to play music of different kinds.

You won't be impressed by The City Club's size but by all the fantastic things happening simultaneously. Everyone claps and dances to the DJ's beat while fire and aerial dancers perform. This is a sharp image of a night in one of the trendiest clubs in Cancun. Are you ready for it?

Monkey Business

Despite being right in the midst of Cancun's Party Center, Monkey Business offers a unique atmosphere every night with food, live music, and karaoke. A selection of appetizers, Mexican fare like tacos and burritos, and international fares like pasta and hamburgers are offered on the menu. The full bar combines both their original creations and time-honored drinks.

The Monkey Business experience includes mouthwatering food, a welcoming environment, karaoke, beverages, and fantastic music. The best part is that they open at 2:00 pm, so you can get the celebration started early.

La Vaquita

La Vaquita is famous for its outrageousness, liters, and ad-hoc cow-print decorations. This club distinguished itself from the other discos and nightclubs in Cancun because it is one of the top clubs for hip-hop and reggaeton. 

This Cancun's newest nightclub is located at milepost 9 of Boulevard Kukulcan, directly in the center of Cancun's Party Center. Visitors can choose the open bar option or pay a cover fee and buy individual drinks. Liters of beer and other beverages are sold at the club, which is a very well-liked Cancun trend. La Vaquita is also present in Puerto Vallarta and Playa del Carmen.


This elegant, medium-sized club, situated between The City and Coco Bongo in the Party Zone, is one of the most well-liked nightclubs in Cancun. You can tell immediately that you are in an elite lounge rather than a tacky, everyday nightclub, thanks to the Indian-inspired decor's rich, brilliant hues and plush materials. Mandala is the most luxurious, elaborate VIP room you've ever seen, but it's a whole club. 

The atmosphere is enhanced by the club's front being utterly open to the street. Since it debuted, this club has become one of the trendiest and hottest in Cancun.

Only a tiny portion of the "Mandala experience" includes fantastic nights, the best music, and its open facade from which you can view all that suggests being the city's favorite nightclub.

Before we wrap up…

As you can see Mexican Caribbean nightlife has no rival. With more than a hundred bars and a dozen nightclubs in the Hotel Zone, it's no surprise that Cancun is one of the best places to go out on the town.

The nightlife near Costa Mujeres is nonstop, high-octane fun. If you can't enjoy yourself there, you can't enjoy yourself anywhere!

Frequently asked 

Where are these nightclubs located?

The best part is that all these fantastic nightclubs are near each other. Most of them are located in the so-called "Party Center Plaza" in Cancun's hotel zone. 

How can I get to these nightclubs?

It’s important to mention that there is no public transportation in Costa Mujeres, but you still have so many options to get to the party in Cancun, such as malls, car rentals, local cab services, hotel shuttles, and private shuttles.

Do I need to make a reservation? 

Reservations are not mandatory. However, they are highly recommended to ensure you get access and preferred locations to fully enjoy the shows. 

What is the theme of these nightclubs?

The nightlife near Costa Mujeres is so varied that it satisfies all tastes, from places that specialize in the '80s and 90's music to places that play more modern music, such as reggaeton, to venues with oriental and Hindu inspiration.

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