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Tennis in Costa Mujeres

If you’re looking to play tennis in a gorgeous setting, Costa Mujeres is a great destination. The sea views alone are sure to resonate with your tennis play!

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If you’re looking to play tennis in Cancun amidst a gorgeous setting, Costa Mujeres is a great destination. The sea views alone are sure to resonate with your tennis playing. If you’ve never had the opportunity before, you’re sure to be in for a treat. 

When you play beside a bay, the background truly does set the stage in the best of ways. There’s nothing quite like playing tennis in a picturesque, tropical setting. 

When you’re tossing your tennis ball up in the air and you feel the gentle embrace of a soft sea breeze against your skin, you are overcome by a sense of being at one with the most adoring aspects of nature.

It should then come as no surprise that there are tons of tennis courts throughout the great Costa Mujeres area. 


Rafa Nadal Tennis Centre

If you’re a true tennis nut, you simply can’t miss out on the wonderful opportunity to check out the Rafa Nadal Tennis Centre! Located at Grand Palladium Costa Mujeres, once there, you can not only look around the great exhibit that’s dedicated to the legendary tennis player but also immerse yourself in the science of the sport directly. 

This modern-looking club is very attractively laid out and designed throughout. It is also part of the new Palladium resort where you can learn all kinds of interesting lessons about how it is that the champions of the game approach their tennis play from the very knowledgeable instructors of the Rafa Nadal Academy.

The installations are quite spacious and these facilities make for an idyllic opportunity to improve your game, perhaps by leaps and bounds, as you can join in on a training program that has been carefully developed to follow closely the values of tennis legend Rafa Nadal. The academy prides itself on providing a well-rounded experience that takes into account all the important areas that are involved with tennis playing, namely technique, strategy, and, of course, physical and mental wellbeing. You can expect to develop a true harmony with the sport in a positive environment with plenty of positive reinforcement that’s derived from seasoned experts.

There are also junior programs for kids to learn the finer points of the game at their own pace. 

Active Beach Tennis Complex

For tennis players, there are plenty of opportunities for tennis play all around Costa Mujeres. However, you’re strongly encouraged to check out the Active Beach Tennis complex, where all the serious players in the area go for a number of reasons. 

It is very conveniently located just minutes from Costa Mujeres proper along the highway. It is part of the Active Academy where visitors can practice different sports such as kite-and foil-surfing, sailing, jet-surfing, and beach tennis under the direction of professional instructors. 

And the great thing is that you can do all kinds of sports to keep your interest up, as well as the thrills! They provide lessons in windsurfing, foil, and wingfoil, as well as kitesurfing on windy days, beach tennis, and paddleboarding and free diving on calm days.


Tennis lessons are provided to both adults and kids.  

Tennis Courts in Resorts

Vacationing tennis players love it so much that it isn’t uncommon for them to look for resorts that offer courts that not only overlook the water, but that are within sight of the lovely Isla Mujeres, which provides them with an even more evocative sense of getting away from it all. 

Many of the area's resorts have their own courts, as you might expect, and they are worth comparing as they do vary. Some are on grass courts while others have hard floors, for instance. There are even beach tennis courts that are set up over the sand and, as such, are in effect a combination of tennis and badminton, as the ball isn’t allowed to hit the sand. 


The feeling that comes with waking up and taking advantage of the morning light to play a few rounds of tennis with an open view of the sea by your side is hard to describe. There are numerous courts to choose from that are literally on the beach, surrounded by gorgeous white sands.

Hotels that are strongly recommended include Finest Playa Mujeres, Secret Playa Mujeres Golf and Spa Resort, and Majestic Elegance. Their outdoor tennis courts offer magnificent views and may be enjoyed alongside instructors. 

Planet Hollywood is special for tennis players as it features courts that are actually situated atop roofs that feel absolutely magical during sunrises and sunsets.


Most people play around sunrise and sunset in order to avoid the immense heat of the day, and as such, these are great times to meet new people and socialize around the courts.

As soon as you step foot on a court in these types of places, they really do take you away from the daily grind of the day-to-day grind that you may be accustomed to back home. Many facilities around Costa Mujeres understand this all too well, and for this reason, there are all kinds of opportunities.

Between the idyllic weather and the gorgeous surroundings that evoke all kinds of notions of freedom and abundant natural splendor, playing tennis in Costa Mujeres is something that’s truly special, particularly when you’re trying to round out your vacation experience. 

Playing tennis is a great way to revel in the beautiful ambience of the coast and keep your energy levels up where they should be.

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