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Top 20 kids friendly restaurants in Cancun

Stop googling "kids-friendly restaurants in Cancun". We prepared a top 20 of the best ones. You are sure to find something on our list that suits the demands of your family.

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Cancun is well-known throughout the world for its crystal-clear water, fine white sand beaches, and abundance of authentic Mexican folklore. But in recent years, it has also started to play host to some of North America's most popular restaurants. There are countless possibilities for eating out in this gorgeous city, whether you want to enjoy traditional Mexican food or have a taste for international cuisine.

The problem arises when traveling with children since they frequently request familiar cuisine, forcing parents to eat at fast food joints or tourist trap restaurants.

So, stop googling "Kids friendly restaurants in Cancun", we prepared a top 20 of the best ones. You are sure to find something on our top that suits the demands of your family, whether you are searching for traditional flavors, children's menus and highchairs, or a romantic place to spend a memorable date night.

Captain Hook Dinner Cruise

The ideal way to remember a trip to Cancun is with a pirate dinner cruise! Guests on the Captain Hook Dinner Cruise get a realistic experience on board a pirate ship.

Pirates will perform a buccaneer spectacle for your kids, singing, dancing, and posing for photos. Kids can partake in games, listen to music shows, and dig into the all-you-can-eat buffet. 

Parents also get to enjoy open bars and breathtaking vistas. It's also a fantastic location for making memories! The ship usually sets off at dusk, providing the ideal setting for family portraits.

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La Vicenta

At first glance, La Vicenta doesn't appear to be appropriate for kids. However, the "Chentitos" Kids Club at this local favorite is jam-packed with fun things to do for the whole family. Children ages 2 to 11 are provided for in this separate area of the restaurant, and qualified personnel are on hand to oversee all activities. While adults enjoy some of the best-grilled meats in the city, children may participate in arts and crafts projects and sports activities.

Additionally, La Vicenta offers kids' meals for free all day long! Eight family-friendly favorites are available on the kids' menu, including meatballs, vegetable soup, tiny hamburgers, and chicken nuggets.

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CAO Modern Mexican Kitchen

This restaurant takes pleasure in producing some of Cancun's most creative Mexican cuisine, utilizing only the freshest local ingredients.

The menu features exotic specialties like spring rolls and sashimi alongside family favorites like burgers and tacos.

Children are welcome to play and explore the vibrant world of "Caondyland". The theme focuses on a world of sugar and sweets, where kids can learn about and play with educational games including a climbing wall, a blackboard, TV games, dolls, a ball pool, and many others.

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La Casa de los Abuelos

The best home-cooked Mexican food is served at this restaurant to kids and not-so-kids in a welcoming and secure setting. Families may select from a variety of kid-friendly meals on a dedicated kids' menu, which includes everything from hotdogs and spaghetti bolognaise to fish sticks and pancakes.

Children between the ages of 5 and 12 can pick from a wide variety of activities in the Cancun location's expansive play area. This features a table for arts and crafts, board games, and family-friendly video games. Lunch at La Casa de Los Abuelos is the ideal way to keep kids entertained when taking a family vacation because there is so much to do there.

La Casa de Los Abuelos provides the option of babysitting services (at an additional cost) for kids between the ages of 1 and 4 to make things even simpler. 

Families wishing to celebrate their child's big day while traveling can take advantage of the restaurant's birthday packages.

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Fred’s Seafood and Raw Bar

Fred's is, without a doubt, the best option to spend quality time with the family, since it has Freddie's, a kids' club with diverse activities that will keep the little ones entertained and amused while the parents enjoy a delicious meal.

An ideal space that adapts perfectly to all the tastes and interests of the little ones, as they will be able to enjoy: recreational games, movie theater, ceramic painting area, mini soccer field, video game area, and fully qualified nannies for the care of the youngest members of the family. 

In addition, Food and Travel magazine named Fred's as the establishment with the best seafood in Cancun.

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Porfirio’s Contemporary Mexican Kitchen

Porfirio's Restaurante delivers a dining experience that is distinctive to Cancun by balancing traditional family recipes with modern cuisine. 

Kiddos can enjoy this cuisine too, since steaks, for example, can be made "kid-sized," while popular meals like enchiladas and burritos can have their portions scaled back to satisfy even the pickiest palate.

After meals, little ones can enjoy the "Porfirio's Club de Niños”, a play area in the restaurant where kids can participate in activities like drawing, running about, and interacting with others. Children between the ages of 2 and 11 are always welcome!

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Crab House Cancun 

The Crab House is a seafood restaurant located at the heart of Cancun's hotel zone, where you’ll find the food lives up to the hype.

There are no designated menu items, especially for kids. But there are a few dishes well suitable for them, like fish and chips, fried calamari, coconut shrimp, surf & turf, and many others. 

The magnificent and large play area at this restaurant allows children to play in the safest environment while being watched over by professionals, while the parents enjoy a broad selection of excellent plates, including snow crab, black cod, cajun octopus, and mariscada.

You won't know where to begin with all the delicious alternatives there are! In addition, a romantic sunset supper aboard the Nichupte Lagoon can be reserved by parents seeking an amazing date night in Cancun.

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Señor Frogs 

Even though this restaurant is well-known as a hotspot for nightlife, it is also one of the most family-friendly restaurants in Cancun during the day.

Kids of all ages enjoy the delectable meals and the colorful eating area. They can eat cheeseburgers, chicken sandwiches, nachos, beef tacos, and so much more! Señor Frogs is a fantastic option for those little ones who are picky eaters. 

Kids can also amuse themselves with the various entertainment activities that the staff has prepared, such as dance contests, karaoke, magic tricks, and balloon twisting. 

Señor Frogs is one of the best family-friendly restaurants in Cancun thanks to its joyful atmosphere and casual, kid-friendly menu.

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Lorenzillo's has a rich history. The name is derived from a 1683 urban legend about a French pirate who arrived in the region. Isn't it a great story to tell your kids while you eat with an amazing ocean view? There is also a famous crocodile roaming around. He frequently pops up in the distance! 

There are kid-friendly selections on both the normal menu and the children's menu. Kid-friendly menu items include chicken parmesan, empanadas, and a kid-sized rib-eye steak. 

Adults can also savor delicious menu dishes like coconut shrimp, grilled seafood platters, or lobster bisque in the Lorenzillo manner. 

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Flamingos Seafood Kitchen

Flamingos Seafood Kitchen, which has been in business for more than 40 years and has a breathtaking view of the Mexican Caribbean, will welcome you with a wide selection of seafood meals that have been grilled over firewood.

Kids will like the quirky decor and the opportunity to play in the sand. Alternately, let them use the nearby trampoline and cool pool. Additionally, there are qualified babysitters on-site who may watch your children.

It's perfect for parents who wish to enjoy lobster or red snapper by themselves! Flamingos Seafood Kitchen stands out among the best-known restaurants in Cancun thanks to its distinctive traits.

We can guarantee that Flamingos Seafood Kitchen will provide you with a delightful dining experience, whether it's during a romantic sunset or out in the open under the moon and stars because it received the Travellers' Choice 2021 award from Tripadvisor for its exceptional traveler reviews.

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Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. Cancun

If you feel like enjoying your meal in a quiet place with a nice view of the Nichupte Lagoon to enjoy the sunset while you savor your dish, then we recommend you go to Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. 

This American food chain is located in Cancun's hotel zone and is well known for its shrimp dishes as well as its theme based on the movie Forrest Gump. You can take pictures with special objects from the movie; they even have a model of the iconic suit worn by Tom Hanks, as well as other objects that you will find for sale in their souvenir store. 

The little ones can have a fun time in their extraordinary play area and enjoy the "kids eat free" promotion that the restaurant occasionally runs.

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Hacienda Sisal

Hacienda Sisal is a Mexican food restaurant that has been established for a long time in Cancun's hotel zone. Its facilities resemble a hacienda, it is as if you were entering one of the magical villages of Mexico. 

For the little ones, there is a mini kids club where they have a TV, video games, some toys, and didactic materials to make crafts with the nanny accompanied by a special menu with quesadillas, chicken fingers, taquitos, and pasta. 

For adults, you will find typical Mexican dishes with homemade recipes. Soups, enchiladas, fajitas, and chef 's specials such as the Quesadilla de la Marquesa or the ancestral stone broth.

On Sunday they have the brunch special, which consists of a buffet with a special price for locals, and children under 5 years are free.

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El Fish Fritanga

Fish Fritanga is one of the most loved restaurants by Cancun locals because of the service, the atmosphere, and the good treatment by all the staff, which is incredible from the moment you arrive. 

The menu for both adults and children is quite extensive and they have typical local cuisine such as tikinxic fish or dogfish bread.

For the little ones, there is a wooden play area with a slide and swings. Being on the sand, they have an extra space to play.

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XB Restaurante

The XB restaurant is well known in Cancun for its wide range of hamburgers. The atmosphere is family-friendly and the service is fast. 

For the little ones, they have the XB Kids, a play area with monitors. Here, children can watch movies, paint pottery or have fun with the toys available. 

They also have a special menu for children under 11 years old. With options such as brisket strips, mini hamburgers, pizza, or macaroni, with a portion of fries and a soft drink for only 4 dollars. 

For adults, they have options such as salads, pizzas, cuts, and, of course, their famous hamburgers with a delicious taste.

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Parque las palapas

This place is not exactly a restaurant; it is a park located in the heart of downtown. However, we decided to include it at the top because it is a must-visit in Cancun, and in its extensive food court you will find all kinds of delicacies. 

The park has a space where you will find several local food stalls with different styles, from the typical food of the region to desserts and snacks. 

The best thing about the place is that it is located in the center of the city, very close to both the hotel zone and the commercial area of Cancun, and the little ones will never get bored because they will enjoy a large area of games and attractions. 

El Timon de Cancun 

El Timon de Cancun is a pioneering restaurant with more than 40 years of dedication to serving the best fresh seafood in the area.

The restaurant will give you the feeling of being on a boat since, at first sight, you will see a large palapa with an iconic shark, full of fishing nets, and maritime accessories.

Additionally, they have a children's play area with a slide, a little house, and coin machines to buy toys in a 100% family atmosphere.

Their specialty is seafood and grilled or seafood dishes for 2 or up to 4 people. They have a children's menu, among which are the "Spaghetti nest" and the fish fingers with pasta.

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Mr Pampas

Mr. Pampas is a restaurant chain specializing in rodizio service. It has two branches in Cancun. 

For the little ones, they have the Pampas Kids, an enclosed space with mats and air conditioning. They also have an Xbox, a movie projection, a playhouse, slides, tunnels, and toys. Babysitters are always on duty and there is no charge.

They are famous for the variety of premium cuts they handle. You can choose from beef, pork, chicken, or some seafood. The price includes a salad and pasta bar but does not include drinks or desserts. Children under 1.20 mt. eat free. For your kids, we consider the chicken cuts and the picanha a good option.

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Rino’s Pizza 

If you travel to Cancun and want to enjoy Italian cuisine, we recommend you visit Rino's Pizza Time. Here you can enjoy a nice meal in the heart of the city. 

Its facilities transport you to a typical Italian restaurant. Their menu is quite extensive and has options for all tastes, including vegetarian options. 

For the little ones, there is a small play area and large-scale chess set on the terrace.

It is an excellent option to enjoy a family meal. Their pizzas and pasta, especially the "Fettuccine Nero e Gamberetti" are a must.

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The Home Pipo

Let's face it, most kids' favorite food is pizza. But sometimes it's a little hard to find places with healthy, great-tasting options. Not so at The Home Pipo, a food truck located on Cancun's south side. 

Their pizzas have a base made of sourdough that is famous for being thin, crispy, and light enough to eat at any time without generating sourness or acidity. It has many options, from the classic "Margherita" with tomato, mozzarella, and basil, to the "Pastorella" that includes al pastor meat.

Its location allows you to enjoy the open air of one of the parks in the area, so the little ones are the ones who will most enjoy waiting for their food. Their service is fast, and all the pizzas are made to order with the best ingredients.

Funever Dreaming

Located in the Marina Town Center plaza, within the Puerto Cancun development on Boulevard Kukulcan. Funever Dreaming offers a space where kids can play and have fun while doing different activities. 

The concept allows parents to perform other activities while their children have fun and are monitored by the staff of the place. 

They also have a space for parents who wish to stay there to refresh themselves with a drink or snack that the cafeteria offers.

Now with all the information, we have shared with you, what are you waiting for to visit these restaurants? The only thing you'll have to worry about is that your kids won't want to leave.

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Frequently asked 

How can I get around these restaurants in Cancun?

There is no uber in Cancun, but the city still has plenty of other excellent transportation choices, including public transportation, rental vehicles, local cab services, shuttle services, bikes, and scooters. 

Regardless of the distance, Cancun will have the greatest mode of transportation available.

Are restaurants in Cancun expensive?

Restaurants in Cancun are no more expensive than any other particular beach. Actually, you can get access to top-notch culinary experiences for a very good price, or lower than other beach destinations.

Are all of these restaurants kid-friendly?

All of them! Some offer greater services, such as babysitting services or exclusive play areas, but absolutely all of them have some entertainment for the little ones. 

It's just a matter of thinking about what you want to eat and picking a destination. 

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