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What to do in Costa Mujeres

Costa Mujeres is nowadays the hottest destination in the Mexican Caribbean, Its location away from the hotels zone gives the impression that one is in a more private Cancun. ...

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Costa Mujeres is nowadays the hottest destination in the Mexican Caribbean, Its location away from the hotels zone gives the impression that one is in a more private Cancun. 

This lovely beach has grown to be one of the most exclusive in the area. Although there is more of a laid-back vibe, resorts are nonetheless known for their luxury and first-rate service.

Where is Costa Mujeres?

Costa Mujeres has a privileged location just 20–30 minutes north of Cancun’s hotel zone and international airport. 

It is a fantastic option for tourists who want to spend their vacation in a beautiful natural setting with a mangrove jungle, clear waterways, and top-notch accommodations.

What to do in Costa Mujeres?

Swimming with whale sharks or dolphins, visiting an underwater museum, playing golf on one of the top courses in Mexico, finding a pristine beach, playing tennis, visiting fascinating ancient Mayan city ruins, or just getting pampered at a luxury resort. As you can see, there are plenty of activities that you could do on your next getaway to Costa Mujeres. 

Let's get right into them!

Swimming with whale sharks 

Hundreds of whale sharks gather in the waters surrounding Costa Mujeres from mid-June to mid-September. Snorkeling with these gentle giants is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. 

There is a lot to see of them since they are the biggest fish in the world, but don't be frightened by the word shark; these majestic creatures can measure up to 6 feet long and can weigh as much as 15 tons but they are harmless to humans. The teeth of a whale shark are too little. For them, eating requires a lot of work, so they usually stick to shrimp and algae.

Many whale shark cruises are available around Costa Mujeres. To plan the best tour, speak with the concierge at your hotel.

Swimming with dolphins

If a whale shark is a little too big for you to swim with, what about our other friendly mammal friend, the dolphin?

The chance to contact a dolphin in a completely natural setting is another of the top things to do in Playa Mujeres.

Visit Dolphin Discovery, which is only 20 minutes from Costa Mujeres, to get up and personal with these sociable animals. You will get the chance to swim with the dolphins and feel what it's like to be dragged by one. Even hugs and kisses will be given to you by these cute pals.

Visit the Underwater Museum

Visit the Museo Subacuatico de Arte (MUSA) (the Underwater Art Museum) and schedule a diving trip. 473 life-sized sculptures can be found at Salon Manchones, off the shore of Costa Mujeres, at a depth of 8 to 10 meters. 

This excursion is only recommended for divers, making it a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to dive and see a gallery. The natural coral reefs in the vicinity have been tremendously helped to be preserved by the construction of the museum. If you're not a diver, you can snorkel at the gallery of Punta Nizuc, which has 30 sculptures.

Visit El Meco archaeological zone

Just a ten-minute car trip from the main resorts of Costa Mujeres, you can find this fascinating ancient Mayan city, small but influential and well preserved. 

The building is thought to have served as a significant Mayan harbor. To find their location, sailors would keep an eye out for the pyramid in the middle of the ancient city.

The ruins are in excellent condition, and you may even see iguanas that wander the grounds. The ruins are covered in some shade, making it a quiet place to unwind and observe your surroundings.

Play a Round at Playa Mujeres Golf Club 

One of the nicest places to visit in Costa Mujeres is the Playa Mujeres Golf Course, which is also regarded as one of the best in all of Mexico. Designed by the golf ace Greg Norman, this 18-hole course is as stunning as it is difficult. 

There is a lot of water around, but it is not overly constricting off the tee. The greens are expertly maintained and in good condition. 

With Paspalum SeaDwarf grass covering its greens, tee boxes, and fairways, the Playa Mujeres Golf Course offers a strategic Par 72 game that is appropriate for both new and seasoned golfers.

Find a pristine beach

Isla Blanca is unquestionably the Mexican Caribbean's best-kept secret. This beach is unrivaled in beauty and is nearly undiscovered by many. Its blue-green colored water makes tourists fall in love with the location right away.

Although it is not a beach where we can find restaurants, lounge chairs, or palapas to settle down to spend the day, it is very easy to get there in a car, and with beach umbrellas and a cooler, Isla Blanca is a great option for a picnic at the beach.

Play Tennis

Learning from the best at the Rafa Nadal Tennis Centre is one of the best things to do in Costa Mujeres!

The training strategy utilized at the Movistar Rafa Nadal Academy in Manacor served as inspiration for the center.

There are several programs offered at the center for every type of tennis player, regardless of your level of experience or newness to the sport.

Children are welcome to participate in games as well, making it a wonderful opportunity for them to socialize and discover a new activity that they may practice at home.

Get pampered at a luxury resort

Take some "me-time" and try the best Spa resorts in Costa Mujeres. Find your wellness by using your senses to relax, renew, and enthrall your body and spirit.

Here are some of the best options:

  • NUUP Spa: A genuine connection between the body, mind, and spirit is made possible inside the hotel Atelier-Estudio Playa Mujeres in their NUUP Spa, with a serene and opulent environment, which invites them all to participate in an authentic experience of pure relaxation. You can get a relaxing massage, a facial, hair-styling service, and much more at this wellness center. The facility also has a sauna, a steam room, a sensation shower, a hydrotherapy circuit, and a ludic pool. 
  • Secrets Spa by Pevonia: Inside Dreams Playa Mujeres resort is a 16,000 sq. ft. spa called Secrets Spa by Pevonia, which combines hydrotherapy and native treatments, offering a beautiful setting inspired by Mayan culture.
  • Miilé Spa: enjoy complete hydrotherapy circuits and delightful massage therapies in a tropical setting at Miilé Spa inside Excellence Playa Mujeres resort. 
  • Beloved Playa Mujeres: with a comprehensive hydrotherapy experience, soothing treatments, and massages in an opulent atmosphere, the spa of Beloved Playa Mujeres resort is one of the best options to relax as a couple. 
  • ONE Spa: with its varied therapies, full hydrotherapy circuit, and kid-friendly spa services, ONE Spa by Finest Playa Mujeres resort delivers the perfect tranquil environment for relaxation.

We're hoping that this list of activities to do in Costa Mujeres can help you decide where to start when you arrive. The most crucial aspect is that you will have one of your all-time favorite vacations. Enjoy your stay in Mexico, and we hope to see you again soon!

Frequently asked:

Where is Costa Mujeres?

In the northern area of Cancun, just thirty minutes away from the international airport. 

How can I get around Costa Mujeres?

There is no public transportation in Costa Mujeres. However, there are still so many options to get around, like car rental, local cab services, hotel shuttles, and private shuttles.

How are the beaches in Costa Mujeres 

Calm and surrounded by silky sand, lush vegetation, and the beautiful turquoise hues of the Mexican Caribbean.

How is the weather in Costa Mujeres

Summers in Costa Mujeres are warm, muggy, damp, and gloomy, whereas winters are warm, muggy, windy, and typically clear. The average annual temperature ranges from 68 to 90 degrees, rarely dropping below 59 or going over 93 degrees Fahrenheit.

Late January to early May and late November to late December are the best seasons to travel to Costa Mujeres for hot-weather activities.

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