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Catamaran Sailing in Costa Mujeres

Sailing on a catamaran in the crystal clear waters of Costa Mujeres is an experience not to be missed. In this blog post, we tell you everything you need to know about it!

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Many people find that riding along the coast on a catamaran is the best introduction to this part of Mexico for some interesting reasons. For one, it gives those who aren’t very well acquainted with this part of the world a fairly well-rounded idea of what the Caribbean coastlines are all about, as well as the significance that they have held for many centuries. To the extent that they have exported their culture and invited pleasure seekers from all over the world, it’s an important part of our earthly heritage that deserves an intimate excursion.

Over the centuries, sea travel has been extremely important in the Caribbean in general. So much so that, strangely, so many people in the Americas are unaware of its scope. Indeed, there’s so much to learn and ponder as you make your way along the coast of the Gulf of Mexico atop a grand catamaran and as you listen to the insights of a tour guide who has lived for so many years navigating through this all-important ecosystem. 

What about Catamaran Sailing? 

If you’re not aware of what a catamaran is, it’s a sailing ship, but more rectangular than what you probably have in mind. This makes it ideal for groups that would like to travel together, as they feel the salty breeze off the sea as it cuts across the deck. It’s a relaxing experience that serves as the perfect way to set the tone for any vacation that takes place in the region.

If you’re traveling with a large party, it is the perfect opportunity to enjoy some time together as everyone watches the evocative coastline pass by in the most peaceful and admirable of fashions. You’re strongly encouraged to take your camera along as it serves as the perfect vantage point for taking all kinds of beautiful pictures that you’re sure to look back at for many years to come. 

One great thing about a catamaran is that you can make the experience your own, be it by taking your food or musical instruments. It is a social occasion that, if you plan correctly, can become a true highlight of any vacation, especially if you’re traveling with jovial people. 

Popular Catamaran Routes from Costa Mujeres

The most popular catamaran route from Costa Mujeres is to the beloved Isla Mujeres, which is lovely to a large extent as it is left as it is without any development. It gives you a sense of what the Caribbean should be all about. 

The most affordable service is very reasonably priced at $40 per adult, but for a few more bucks you can also enjoy a delicious meal. This is a pretty good deal as these tours are known to last as much as 10 hours, which makes sense when you take into account that this usually includes free time to walk around the island and explore it for yourself.  

Of course, there are more lavish catamaran services, which are worth checking out if you’re traveling with a group or for a special occasion. You can check them out personally until you find one that appeals to you and your particular interests for the trip. 

If you’re a fan of snorkeling, you’ll be happy to know that there is time allowed during the excursion to explore more intimately what lies underneath the waves. 

You may be taken to the archeological site known as El Meco, which is an inspiring place to explore as it is a gorgeous National Reef Park that exemplifies the best that the Caribbean has to offer. As you swim around, you can admire how it is that all types of different sea creatures work together to live in harmony. The sheer variety of colors is sure to take your breath away.

Another attraction is the man-made Mujeres Submarine Museum (MUSA), where hundreds of monumental sculptures lie after having been placed one by one over a long period of years.

It’s a pretty smooth experience from beginning to end. Many of these services offer complimentary hotel pickup and drop-off services, as well as snorkeling equipment for you to use. 

Some also include an open bar and Mexican food items that family and friends can enjoy without a care in the world!


Catamaran sailing from Costa Mujeres has a certain allure. You genuinely get the impression that you are on vacation, away from the pressures of the city.

The greenish-blue seas are stunning. It's a real joy to sail across the sea while you look for cool places to explore. It is a private experience that reduces tension and makes you aware of nature's beauty.

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