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Best Hotels For Events And Conventions (DMC) In Cancun

Holding a business event or convention in Cancun is a must! Join us to discover the best hotels for events and conventions in this cosmopolitan city of the Mexican Caribbean.

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One of the most well-known travel destinations in the world and the most well-liked in Mexico is Cancun. The location offers superb resorts with opulent, cutting-edge facilities, making it the perfect place for meetings, incentive travel, or conventions. It also has a first-rate hotel and business infrastructure. 

Why Choose Cancun For Your Conventions, Events, or Work Meetings?


Cancun is one of the major entry points into the world. The city welcomes millions of visitors from throughout the world each year. 

Cancun International Airport is the second-largest airport in Mexico and it provides strong connectivity to the leading airport hubs around the world, as well as direct flights to and from key cities in the United States and throughout the globe.

Excellent Hospitality Infrastructure

Cancun offers a sophisticated hotel and business infrastructure that caters to all price ranges. This cosmopolitan city prides itself on providing the most accommodations (many of them "all-inclusive") and conference space. Everything you require for a successful event is in the area.

Varied Culinary Offering

Cancun also features a wide range of culinary options, which makes this coastal city a foodie paradise thanks to how well the food from different cultures blends.

World Class Shopping 

Due to its popularity as a tourist destination, Cancun features the most up-to-date shopping centers with top-notch duty-free prices and international brand-name boutique shops. Marina Puerto Cancun and Luxury Avenue Boutique Mall, the most well-known retail complex in Cancun's downtown, as well as La Isla Shopping Village and Plaza Kukulcan in the Hotel Zone, are notable places to shop.

Breathtaking Beaches

The white sand beaches of Cancun are the places to be, caressed tenderly by the Caribbean Sea's sparkling blue waters. The beaches here rank among the most beautiful in the world and must be seen, felt, and experienced throughout your visit.

A Variety of Fun Activities

Thanks to its abundance of natural attractions, customs, and culture, you can experience everything in Cancun, from thrilling water sports and opulent shopping to fantastic tours, amusement parks, historical sites, and golf courses, as well as the adjacent stunning islands.

World Famous Nightlife

Cancun is known for having something to offer everyone, and this is especially true after sundown. Cancun's nightlife is known for its enjoyment and entertainment; it features nightclubs, bars, celebrations, festivals, and events, as well as live music acts, renowned DJs, and spectacular live performances.

As you can see, in Cancun, you can find the ideal location for a little get-together or a sizable display in a tropical and paradisiacal setting. Let’s get to know the best hotels for events and conventions in this cosmopolitan city in the Mexican Caribbean.

Moon Palace The Grand

The innovative resort-inside-a-resort concept of Moon Palace The Grand will bring a whole new level of luxury and opportunity to your next meeting or event. This hotel offers roomy, stylish lodging, upscale activities, and exclusive access to top-notch restaurants. 

However, it also puts you and your co-workers close to all of Moon Palace's impressive attractions and +10 meeting spaces, 4 terraces, and an exclusive beach space for up to 250 people

The Moon Palace The Grand prides itself on being the hotel with the largest event space as well as the host of the largest meeting room of all the hotels in Cancun. 

To round the experience, this hotel got every detail of your event covered from décor and audiovisual choices to entertainment and more.

Live Aqua Beach Resort Cancun 

The staff at Live Aqua Beach Resort is ready to give your board, meeting, or conference something unique that will inspire, challenge, and excite people.

You have access to more than 2,000 m2 at their convention center. The 1,353 m2 Large Aqua Room, which is divided into nine sections, can accommodate up to 1000 people in an auditorium-style assembly. Seven 40 m2 breakout rooms, perfect for workplaces or face-to-face meetings, are located nearby. An executive room with leather chairs and a plasma screen is also available.

Up to 600 guests can attend events that this hotel hosts in its captivating outdoor spaces, where they will enjoy sunsets over the sea. The service at Live Aqua Beach Resort stands out because it is thoughtful and high-end, with details that make for priceless moments.

Hyatt Zilara Cancun

Hyatt Zilara Cancun offers a variety of meeting and event facilities, including a boardroom and outdoor settings, to bring people together in a stunning setting. 

This gorgeous Cancun resort offers more than 6,781 square feet of flexible room space featuring six breakout rooms, accommodating up to 600 people, a large executive boardroom with a capacity for 20 people, and many additional areas and outdoor terraces, all while being surrounded by the breathtaking beauty of the Yucatan shore. 

This hotel is perfect for a corporate conference, executive meeting, incentive trip, or business retreat.

Secrets The Vine Cancun

This contemporary resort is exclusively for adults and offers an unlimited luxury experience with fine dining, daily activities, live entertainment, first-rate services, and first-rate amenities. The distance from the Cancun International Airport to all of this is 20 minutes. With exquisite amenities, each of Secrets The Vine's 497 rooms and suites offer a private refuge of beauty and grandeur. 

Secrets The Vine Cancun is the ideal setting for your upcoming meeting or incentive event, offering over 17,000 square feet of adaptable meeting space and a team of committed group event planners that are professionals at ensuring everything you need is flawlessly given with customized attention.

Grand Fiesta Americana Coral Beach Cancun All-Inclusive Spa Resort 

The Grand Fiesta Americana Coral Beach Cancun All-Inclusive Spa Resort is a great place to hold meetings and business events that will be remembered. This resort not only has great service but also has 13 private rooms with the most up-to-date video technology for private gatherings. 

The event spaces at this hotel are Grand Coral Ballroom (a majestic venue for up to 1500 people that is divisible into 7 sections. Additionally, it offers a foyer with breathtaking views of the Caribbean Sea), Coral Kingdom (this venue has a lot of space and can be divided into three rooms. It has an easy-to-use entrance and a special spot on the mezzanine level that gives you the most privacy), Coral Garden (this room has a lot of space too and can be split into three parts, so it's perfect for big gatherings. It's located right next to the Coral Kingdom venue), Sunrise Terrace (this open terrace offers a prime location and breathtaking views), and Sunset Beach & Terrace (this venue leads to the dock, and is a perfect location for social gatherings). 

As you can see, everything from casual get-togethers to big sales conferences, training sessions, and banquets is organized by Fiesta Americana Coral Beach Cancun All-Inclusive Spa Resort. Its skilled event advisors will help you with catering, design, and other things based on your needs and budget.

Also, they offer a wide range of activities both inside and outside the hotel for your guests. In your free time, you can visit Cancun's top sights and enjoy a wide range of fun activities and exciting trips.

Hilton Cancun

The Hilton Cancun All-Inclusive Resort is where events are elevated and memories are made with almost 70,000 square feet of indoor and outdoor dynamic spaces, including ballrooms, meeting rooms, and terraces.

The unique natural setting of the Hilton Cancun All-Inclusive Resort makes it a great place for meetings of any size. The hotel has the Azul Ballroom, which is a large venue of up to 2060 people and is divisible into 4 sections; the Hilton Arena, which is a junior ballroom of up to 1850 people and is also divisible into 4 sections; the Waldorf Astoria, which is a venue of up to 380 people divisible into 4 sections or its terrace as well, which is of up to 240 people; 6 meeting rooms, which are of up to 100 people; plus two outdoor venues (the Amphitheater and Pavilion) for up to 300 people. 

At this resort, you can expect all the elements for a once-in-a-lifetime event, including entertainment and other facilities to make any meeting more memorable. 

Hilton Cancun's customized activities and amenities will elevate any occasion, whether it's a beachside private dining experience with local musicians, a chef-led cooking class, or a memorable arrival experience with a Mexican farmer's market and local craftsmen and their crafts.

Haven Riviera Cancun

Staying at Haven Riviera Cancun for business meetings and/or events will prove to be the best motivator for your staff to achieve the most challenging performance or sales targets. 

The resort's quiet, secure, and remote setting is ideal for board meetings, strategic planning sessions, and pretty much any other kind of business gathering. 

Although the meeting space at this hotel does not exceed a capacity of 400 people, a memorable meeting or business event can be held at its breathtaking beachside location, which offers a variety of indoor and outdoor venues.

Events at Haven Riviera involve more than just mingling in a ballroom or boardroom. On a rooftop patio, the guests at your event can enjoy cocktail parties as the sun sets over the beautiful Caribbean.

All of the above are excellent options if you are thinking about holding your next meeting or business event in Cancun, but, if you are looking for a more private destination for your event, you can't miss Costa Mujeres, which is only half an hour from Cancun's international airport and offers an all-inclusive peaceful sanctuary between the ocean and the wetlands of the Mexican Caribbean. 

Costa Mujeres mixes the area's wilderness with modern luxury. On a two-mile stretch of fine, pure white sand, peace and privacy perfectly converge, and yet, the nightlife and shopping in Cancun are much closer than you think. 

Atelier Playa Mujeres

Atelier Playa Mujeres is home to the innovative "Hecho a Mano" concept, which elevates all meetings and gatherings into a more upscale setting and fosters a cutting-edge, contemporary connection.

The Atelier Playa Mujeres Convention Center is a great place to hold an event. It has a total floor area of 2,836 m2 (30,524 sq ft) and top-notch amenities and catering services. Additionally, the resort's six fully equipped meeting spaces have been meticulously planned to accommodate all event planners' requirements.

The air-conditioned foyer has a large space of 900 m2 (9,687 sq ft) for greeting guests and showing off exhibits. It also has a beautiful indoor garden to calm the senses in the Mexican style and luxury of Atelier Playa Mujeres.

Finest Playa Mujeres

Imagine how much more effective your meetings would be if they took place in a setting with sand, water, and clear skies as opposed to one with steel, glass, and overhead fluorescent lights.

Finest Playa Mujeres has 17,000 square feet of indoor and outdoor space that can be changed to fit your business needs. This space can be used for seminars, board meetings, executive retreats, and large receptions.

They trained meeting coordinators to collaborate with you to provide cutting-edge, cost-effective solutions.

All-suite accommodations, gourmet cuisine, VIP check-in, and a welcome cocktail, as well as after-hours attractions like tennis, discounted spa treatments, and championship golf, guarantee attendees a successful time. The distance to the Cancun International Airport is also about 25 minutes.

Dreams Playa Mujeres

Dreams Playa Mujeres Golf & Spa Resort is the perfect location for incentive meetings and group gatherings with visitors of all ages. It is located 10 minutes from downtown Cancun and features a private white sand beach, stunning Caribbean vistas, a renowned golf course, and 65,000 square feet of pools and water features. The resort has 502 opulent guestrooms, and a variety of fine dining establishments.

Also, the resort offers event planners on-site to design unique group events in its dedicated meeting space, which has theater and banquet seating for up to 550 guests.

The Bottom Line

Holding a business event or convention in a hotel is a must if you want to impress. Why? because the hotel will be able to give you all the assistance you require, including food, technology, and more, to ensure that the conference runs smoothly. Finding a hotel with a conference space that meets your demands is all that matters, and maybe you’re thinking about Cancun, which, let us tell you, is a great idea!

But it could be necessary to do some research before selecting the best beach resort. Some hotels provide more in terms of conference and group services than others because not all hotels are built with business needs in mind. 

Whatever the case, you can't go wrong if you choose any of the resorts mentioned above, which are the best in Cancun and its surroundings for conferences and groups, and expect an enjoyable, successful, and stress-free time.

Frequently Asked

Why should you choose a hotel in Cancun for your business event?

Simply put, hotels can fulfill all of your event needs in one location. Business hotels offer more than just a place to stay. They also help with transportation, team-building activities, different options for the size of events, and have modern conference and meeting rooms with wifi and all kinds of technology you may need. 

How far are these resorts from Cancun International Airport?

All these hotels have amazing proximity to the Cancun International Airport, so distance will not be a problem. The distance from most of these hotels to the airport is on average 15-20 minutes, except for the Costa Mujeres hotels, which are a little further away at about 25–30 minutes.

Which type of hotel is suitable for business events or conventions?

Hotels with conference or convention facilities are distinguished by the combination of their guest rooms and meeting areas. 

These locations offer a wide range of event possibilities to accommodate various configurations, entertainment opportunities, A/V equipment, and breakout requirements. They are built to host huge events.

What are the means of transportation in Cancun?

Cancun has plenty of other excellent transportation choices, including public transportation, rental vehicles, local cab services, shuttle services, bikes, and scooters, even though Uber is no longer available there.

How is the weather in Cancun?

When you get to Cancun, you'll know there's something special in the air because of the perfect weather and the constant mild, salty winds that blow inland from the big, open Caribbean sea.

With dry and wet seasons, Cancun's weather can be classified as tropical. Even in the wetter months, there are usually plenty of bright, sunny days. When it rains, it often does so in the form of strong showers that dissipate rather quickly.

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